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Options - Security

The Security Options section allows you to enable or disable authentication types, and configure the password used to connect to your computer.

Wayk Now Security Options Dialog

Wayk Now Security Options Dialog

Authentication Types

There are 3 authentication types:

Secure Remote Password (SRP)

Secure Remote Delegation (SRD)

Prompt for Permission (PFP)

By default, the Secure Remote Delegation authentication is enabled, but cannot be disabled.

When Secure Remote Password is disabled, the password options are disabled as well.

Personal Password

Select your password type in the Password Type drop-down list.

Generated password

Generate a strong, random password with our password generator which can be configured in the Password Generator section.


Once a generated password is used, it is automatically regenerated.

You can also click on the circular arrow inside the password text box to refresh the generated password.

Custom password

Create a custom password of your own choosing.

Allow Prompt for Permission (PFP) authentication

This option enables a special authentication mode called Prompt For Permission (PFP).

For more information, refer to the Prompt For Permission section.

Password Generator

This section contains the parameters used by the password generator.

Password length

Select a value between 3 and 9.

Character set

Select between numeric and alphanumeric.


The alphanumeric character set contains numbers and letters, excluding 0, O, 1, I for a total of 32 characters. This choice was made to avoid any possible confusion when communicating the password to the other user.