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Options - Advanced

The Advanced section allows control logs and anonymous data transmission.

Wayk Now Advanced Options Dialog

Wayk Now Advanced Options Dialog



The application must be restarted for these changes to take effect.

Activate logging to produce log files. The information is primarily for administrators and application developers.

Leave this option disabled, unless instructed to do so, because it can negatively affect the application performance.

This Logging level option affects the verbosity of the logging messages.

This Logging filter option filters the types of messages that are logged.

Click Show in folder to view the log files.

The Allow sending of anonymous usage data option allows the application to send us data when using Wayk Now in order to improve the software.

File transfer

The file transfer option allows to select the destination folder of the files downloaded from the remote computer.


The chat option allows to log the chat conversation of every remote sessions in the desired folder.