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Known Issues

Using Wayk Now when an RDP client is already active in a remote session:

1.When minimizing the RDP client, the screen will become black. This is because the RDP client sends a message that causes all remote graphics rendering to stop.

2.When disconnecting from the session with the RDP client, the screen will become black. This issue is similar to what is seen when minimizing the RDP client.

3.The RDP client clipboard redirection comes in direct conflict with the Wayk Now clipboard redirection. Disable the RDP client clipboard redirection to make it work.

Using Wayk Now inside a virtual machine:

1.With VirtualBox, 3D acceleration breaks screen sharing because the 3D rendering occurs on the virtual machine host, making it impossible to capture from the guest. Therefore, 3D acceleration must be disabled.

2.With Parallels, 3D acceleration breaks screen sharing. The reason and the solution are the same as for VirtualBox.

Linux black screen with Wayland environment:

Ubuntu 18.04 and later defaults to Wayland instead of xorg-server (X11), but display capturing is currently not possible with Wayland, resulting in a black screen. To work around the problem, the default should be changed to xorg-server. You can follow the instructions found here:

Wayk Now version 2.0 is not backward compatible:

Since Wayk Now version 2.0 is not backward compatible, you must update all your Wayk Now instances to version 2.0 or higher.