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DNS configuration in an enterprise environment

Wayk Now requires a forward lookup zone PTR Record for both _wayk and wayk names in order to successfully discover devices in an enterprise setting.


1.Launch DNS Manager and connect to your DNS Server.

2.Expand the DNS Server node, then expand the Forward Lookup Zones node.


3.Right click on the _tcp folder and select Other New Records.


4.Choose Pointer (PTR) and click Create Record. It will display the New Resource Record dialog window.

5.Enter the following, then click OK to save.

5.1.Host IP Address: _wayk

5.2.Host name: local. (The trailing period "." is required)

6.Repeat creating a new record with the following:

6.1.Host IP Address: wayk

6.2.Host name: local. (The trailing period "." is required)

7.If all went well, you will see two entries in your _tcp folder.


8.Create the same pointers in the _udp folder (follow steps 4 through 6)


Testing the presence of the records

1.In a command prompt, launch NSLOOKUP.EXE

2.Type set type=PTR to filter a display of PTR records only.

3.Type the following four lines sequentially, and confirm that there are no errors.

3.1        wayk._tcp

3.2        wayk._tcp

3.3        wayk._udp

3.4        wayk._udp

Testing PTR records

Testing PTR records