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Unattended Access

Unattended access allows to connect to a remote machine without a user being physically present. A complete installation of Wayk Now 3.0 and above with the .msi file is required on the server.


Unattended access is only available in the Enterprise Edition (client side).

Usage scenarios

Typical usage scenarios include the following:

Remote access of a home computer from work, or a work computer from home

Access of a machine that doesn't have a monitor connected (headless system)

Assistance of a remote user by a technician without explicit action from the user

The unattended mode uses a background service instead of a regular application process to enable remote connections. This provides several advantages benefiting both unattended and remote assistance scenarios.

For instance, here is a list of special cases correctly handled by the unattended service:

The User Account Control (UAC) prompt

The Ctrl+Alt+Del (SAS) screen

The Windows screen saver

The Windows lock screen

The Winlogon screen

Additionally, the following functionalities work with the unattended service running the Wayk Now program with elevated privileges:

The control of elevated processes

Triggering Ctrl+Alt+Del remotely


The unattended mode is currently limited to a single server session at a time in a Windows Server environment. This restriction is not by design and will be removed when we release improved support for multiple user sessions.


Here is an overview of how to launch a session in unattended mode:


Before you can connect, you will need to launch Wayk Now on the remote computer to obtain its Source ID. Once you know the remote computer's Source ID, you can save it as a bookmark for future connections. You can also use the remote computer's IP address.

Depending on the configuration, the Source ID or IP Address of the remote computer may change over time. In this case, we recommend using the bookmarks and the Unique ID to connect to the remote computer.

Wayk Now Main Window - Remote Computer's Source ID

Wayk Now Main Window - Remote Computer's Source ID

Launch a session with the unattended mode

1. Launch Wayk Now on your computer.

2. Enter the remote computer's Source ID in the Target ID field.

Wayk Now Main Window - Target ID

Wayk Now Main Window - Target ID

3. Click Connect.

The next step would be the authentication. Please consult the Secure Remote Delegation Authentication section for more information.