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Client - Access Control

Access Control allows you to request access to resources that have been restricted on the server. By default, they are all set to Allow.

As explained in the Options – Access Control topic, the user of the server can set each feature to Allow, Confirm or Disable.


If a feature is disabled before starting a remote session, you cannot enable it during an active session.



The user can view the remote desktop.

If this option is disabled, the user sees a black screen with the following image at the center of the screen. wayk_now_viewing_disabled


The user can interact (keyboard and mouse) with the remote desktop.


Interact implies Viewing. Therefore, enabling Interact enables Viewing as well.


Clipboard synchronization enables seamless copy pasting operations between local and remote applications. For more information, please refer to the Clipboard section.

File Transfer

This feature allows sending or receiving any file type between computers. For more information, please refer to the File Transfer section.

Remote Execution

The user can execute multiple types of commands or scripts on the remote computer. For more information, please refer to the Remote Execution section.


The chat feature allows you to communicate with the remote user during a Wayk Now session. For more information, please refer to the Chat section.

Access Control Menu

Once connected to the remote computer, the options are under Session > Access Control in the Session Menu.

Session Menu - Access Control Features

Session Menu - Access Control Features

Checked elements in the Access Control Menu are allowed.

If an element is grayed out and unchecked, it means the action can not be performed.

If a specific access control is set to Confirm on the server, the client will see the corresponding item in his Access Control Menu as unchecked and enabled.

Session Menu - Unchecked Features

Session Menu - Unchecked Features

Requesting Access

The client must ask permission before enabling a feature that has been set to Confirm.

1. By checking the desired option, a request is sent to the recipient who has 30 seconds to accept or deny the permission.

Access Control Request

Access Control Request

2. If the recipient fails to answer in the prescribed delay or denies the request, the access control is canceled.

Access Control Request - Denied

Access Control Request - Denied

3. If permission is granted, the element in the Access Control Menu is checked and grayed out.

Session Menu - Enabled Features

Session Menu - Enabled Features