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Authentication - Prompt for Permission

Prompt for Permission (PFP) authentication requests explicit consent from the remote user without the need for a password.


Select Prompt for Permission (PFP) from the Authentication drop-down list.

Wayk Now Security - Authentication

Wayk Now Security - Authentication


If PFP is disabled on the remote computer, the option is unavailable.


The Friendly name should be easily recognized by others. The Friendly text is a message intended for the person you are connecting to.

1. Enter a Friendly Name and a Friendly Text that allow the recipient to identify you.

2. Click Request to send the PFP request.

PFP Request Dialog

PFP Request Dialog

The recipient has 2 options:

The recipient authorizes the connection, then the session becomes active.

The recipient denies the request, so the connection is aborted.

Remote computer

When receiving an incoming PFP request, the dialog box below is shown.

1. Review the Friendly name and Friendly text to identify the person requesting permission to connect.

PFP Acceptation Dialog Box

PFP Acceptation Dialog Box

2.1 If the incoming request is unexpected or cannot be trusted, click Deny to abort the connection.

2.2 If you are satisfied with the information contained in the PFP request, click Accept to grant permission to connect to your computer.